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Topics Coffee
"Serving the world, one Cup at a time"
Brooklyn, New York, United States United States
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Company description

 Business Model - "Topics Coffee" began in 2008, since the launch of the business it has been our goal to bring a true communal connection via a cup of coffee.

 Corporate Responsibility - As a Community Active Business 10% of all transactions are poured into the Not-for profit organization providing support for the topic of the month.  

  The Brand - "Topics Coffee" is a good quality product that provides a way for consumers to make a difference in the world. "Topics Coffee" plays a major role as a  "Donation Generator" for organizations in need of financial support.

 Marketing Resources - As the internet made our world smaller, it also brought information much quicker for us to grab on to. By using our resources such as our coffee labels, social media network, widgets and talk shows we are able to bring you information much faster.

 Social Media - "iMtopics" is a social media website that will allow internet users to share topics that are important to them. Using video content, blogs and comments the user will be able to communicate thoughts on the topic that is of interest and share it with the web. "iMtopics" will also allow users to share information about resources and organizations that provide assistance or services pertaining to the topic.

 Widgets - "Wi2u?" stands for What's important to you? this widget will be placed on all registered users page on On the widget the user will be able to track and view the amount of money that has been generated from Topics Coffe and donated to the organization being sponsored for the month. This widget will also provide information for the user on the upcoming topics, shows and latest news on iMtopics. 

 Broadcasting Media - "Topics Café Show" is a talk show that will provide stories, opinions and expert advice. Using the data retrieved from our coffee sales and social media interaction we will be able to provide the topics most important to viewers.

 Latino Market - "Topicós Cafe" is a Spanish talk show that will provide stories, opinions and expert advice. Similar to our "Topics Café Show" this will give the Latino community a place of reference and information about organizations and our brand.

 Experiential Marketing - Our location. When you arrive to our "Topics Café" location you will be greeted by a friendly Barista. Not only do the employees provide service with a smile, but will not be blocked by walls or high placed Frappucino machines.

The design of our Main location in New York City will have the main ordering counter in the middle of the floor and will provide an island bar for interaction to become part of the experience. The walls will have over sized photos of people in all colors and shapes.

On the back of the cafe you will have "Wi2u?" booths were you can randomly sit in the booth and give us a 1 minute talk about the topic most important to you. On Wednesdays and Fridays the Cafe will broadcast a live taping of the "Topics Cafe Show" and the present customers will be the audience.

 Partnerships - "Topics Coffee" can create partnerships with major organizations like United Way, American Cancer Society and all the Not for profit organizations participating on the topic of the month. 

 We will also partner up with Al Gore, Oprah, Cotton and other corporations that are willing to serve others.    


"It's great to enjoy a freshly brewed, warm cup of coffee. But a warm smile filled with gratitude and that's more enjoyable" Jason Anthony


 Help us continue to grow our communal connection by "Serving the World, One Cup at a time"


Topics Coffee

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