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Company description

Tigerbow lets people send actual/tangible gifts to an email address, social network profile, mobile telephone number, or any other virtual address with no need for the sender to provide physical shipping informatio while preserving recipient privacy and confidentiality.  The company maintains its own properties on the web and on Facebook at http://tigerbow.com and http://tinyurl.com/tigerbow, where users can send real/tangible gifts including books, movies, flowers, chocolate, baked goods, and cards to email addreses, Facebook profiles, and Twitter IDs. Tigerbow is integrating its platform with online communities and merchants so that their users can send actual gifts to virtual addressess.

Business model
Tigerbow generates retail revenue from products sold on Tigerbow properties and communities integrating the Tigerbow platform.  Tigerbow generates transaction revenue from merchants using Tigerbow's technology platform.
Competitive advantage

Tigerbow's state engine tracks and maintains accounts, provides security and privacy policy control, maintains and executes reminders, ensures persisting addresses, and manages additional components of the process.  Tigerbow's semantic identity database matches virtual addresses and physical addresses on an ad hoc basis.