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¿Who R You? Marketing was imagined by the simple question; WHO are you marketing to? From there we have pioneered a one-of-a-kind offering that simplifies the marketing process and gives companies a better ROI for their dollars.

Taking some of the best practices over various industries, ¿Who R You? Marketing has been able to create a conglomerate in outsourced marketing. Our fully customizable fixed-price solutions give businesses absolute control of who they are marketing to, how their dollars are spent and access to industry experienced marketing professionals.

"We have created the ultimate All-in-One solution for Small to Medium sized businesses marketing needs."


Competitive advantage

Solution created with the SMB market in mind.

Outsourced marketing available in various packages at a fixed rate.

A La Carte : Pieced meal services that can be used once, twice or as many times as needed. You only pay per usage.

Projects: Get an assigned PM (Project Manager) to plan, manage and execute your campaign/project from beginning to end.

Reoccurring: Pick the package that best suits your monthly ongoing needs and pay a fixed price that never changes.

Consider the following:

• Average salary for (1-3 yr) experienced marketing professional = $40,000/year
• Average benefits  including healthcare, vacation & sick time = $10,000/yr
• Spacing and misc. costs  PC, software, various materials = $5,000

An employer is looking at spending roughly $55,000 on ONE single employee with no money allocated yet for a marketing budget.

Going through ¿Who R You? Marketing eliminates the worry of:

• Fluctuating costs
• Expensive benefits (we never call in sick)
• Underperformance due to lack of tools or experience
• Long term commitments