Swarmforce, Inc.

Swarmforce, Inc.
Community and user reputation management across the social gird.
Boulder, Colorado, United States United States
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Company description

The Problem : There is too much information online and it changes too fast. The noise ( spam, irrelevant posts, toxic content) interferes with the signal. Consumers want the best collective information from the Internet without the noise. Advertisers want to cut through the noise and engage users with their brands. Swarmforce uses an artificial intelligent approach to solve this.

The Swarmforce Solution :
Swarmforce is a platform for individuals and businesses to build great community content using tools they are already familiar with, like Twitter and Flickr. Swarmforce applies algorithms from a specialized field of computer science known as "swarm intelligence" to user generated content on the Internet, thus filtering collective intelligence through artificial intelligence. This is accomplished in three basic steps:

  1. "Swarmbots” crawl content from various social networks and aggregaters (i.e. Twitter, Flickr, Bit.ly, etc);
  2. Content (tweets, images, short links, blog posts, etc.) are filtered through a swarm algorithm using a key metric called swarmKarma;
  3. The “refined” data is assembled into one clean content feed for developers to consume via simple REST API calls. The API data can be displayed and customized directly in websites, blogs and applications for mobile platforms (like iPhone and Android).

 Key take-aways about swarms:

  • Swarms are a single source for community management and user reputation management across the social gird.
  • Swarm data offers developers a single API to tap into a variety of other APIs.
  • Swarmforce does the heavy-lifting of algorithm computation and data processing so developers can focus on their core product.
  • SwarmKarma is to Swarmforce as PageRank is to Google.
  • Swarms are free to create but can be upgraded with features and higher API call limits (Freemium model).

Bottom Line: Content is still King. Swarmforce gives you really great content for very little effort and cost (if any).


Examples of Swarm API data in the wilds of the Interwebs:

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  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones | Team member
    CEO and Co-founder at Swarmforce, startup that helps groups filter stuff through swarm intelligence. Principle at Rave19 Media, agency that specializes in API mashups and social media strategy. Former staff at two universities. Expert in all thing...
Business model
API Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) and "freemium" online tools.
Competitive advantage
Swarmforce is the market leader in the emerging swarm Data as a Service segment of cloud computing . The unique quantitative swarm approach gives us a sustainable competitive advantage.