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Sliderocket - Create, Manage and Share Presentations on the Web
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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SlideRocket Inc. is a privately owned, venture funded, San Francisco based company dedicated to building the best presentation software.


We make a fully featured, rich internet application (RIA) called SlideRocket (TM). It's offered as a service with a variety of prices to suit different needs, including free!


We're Focused
Not spreadsheets, not documents but presentations.

Everything You Need in One Place
Stellar authoring tools, intelligent asset management, diverse and secure delivery options, amazing metrics and a community marketplace where you can share and transact resources.

Software-As-A-Service (SaaS)
We inherit all the properties of software-as-a-service from our business model: No software to install, no downtime for upgrades, scales to meet your needs, you manage it yourself, you always have the latest innovations, it's available everywhere, and costs are predictable. Why haven't you signed up already?

We're Evolved
Unlike other presentation solutions SlideRocket takes advantage of the Internet to provide functionality just not possible in desktop solutions. Things like tagging, mashups, and embedding data from other services to name a few.

We're Open
No matter what platform or browser you run, SlideRocket runs with you. Mac, PC, Linux - Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, we have it covered.

Great Value
We know you'll find that no other presentation software offers the same level of functionality, ease of use and producivity as SideRocket. Try it for yourself.


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