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Skyhook Wireless
Boston, Maryland, United States United States
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Skyhook was founded in 2003 to capitalize on the explosive growth of Wi-Fi and the increasing demand for location-based services (LBS). In urban areas and indoors existing location technologies - such as GPS, cell tower triangulation, and IP location - are often too inaccurate, slow, or unreliable to support truly compelling LBS. These performance limitations have been a major obstacle to the widespread adoption of LBS.

To overcome these obstacles, Skyhook Wireless has developed the first positioning system that works reliably in dense urban areas. Rather than relying on satellites or cell towers, it takes advantage of the tens of millions of Wi-Fi access points that now exist in all major cities. Skyhook's Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) software does not require any additional hardware, works both indoors and outdoors, provides location instantly, and is more accurate than all other positioning technologies indoors and in metropolitan areas.

Skyhook's WPS technology can quickly deliver accurate and reliable positioning data to every single one of these devices.