Samson Nutrition, Inc.

The next 100 million dollar nutritional supplement company
Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States United States
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Company description

Samson Nutrition is seeking final financing to take our products from prototype to mass production and distribution.  For more information on a exciting opportunity to become a part of the Samson Team contact us at :

Samson Nutrition is ready to take are final step to launch our product line.  Samson Nutrition has developed its products to meet specific nutritional needs worldwide.  All Samson Nutrition products and formulas are the proprietary property of Samson Nutrition.  Our commitment to the consumer is to provide safe and beneficial nutritional supplements manufactured to the highest standards.  The nutritional supplement industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, Canada, Europe and China.  Samson Nutrition intends to capitalize on that growth. 

Samson Nutrition has developed its management team with current and future distribution avenues in mind.  Our management team is extremely motivated, passionate and committed to making Samson Nutrition the next billion dollar nutritional supplement company (Recent sale of Vitamin Water 4.1 billon).  Each member brings a vast degree of experience in their particular role.  We are all committed to the "WHY" of Samson Nutrition, the (SBAP) Samson Believe and Achieve Programs.  The SBAP consists of programs to combat childhood obesity and to help a child improve his or her self image.

Business model

Competitive advantage

All existing competition is sugar laden with little or no nutritional value.  Samson Nutrition has developed its product line to be convenient, delicious, and packed with an abundance of nutrients to meet the nutritional needs of the entire family.  The Revitalife drink line is high in protein, low in sugar and available in a variety of flavors to meet anyone's taste buds.