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RecipeMatcher provides its users with a unique recipe searching experience. Enter the items you already have in your kitchen and within minutes you can search our delicious recipes based on those ingredients you already have at home. Searches return ranked by the percentage of ingredients you already have.



1. I am spending too much money eating out!

A: With RecipeMatcher, you can spend only $50 a week for two people and enjoy delicious meals from Monday - Thursday (lunch and dinner) by utilizing the ingredients you already have at home and RecipeMatcher.

2. I buy a ton of groceries, but I can't find or think of anything to eat.

A: With RecipeMatcher, you can type in the groceries you just bought and RecipeMatcher will suggest a variety of delicious recipes you can make.

3. I am tired of cooking the same meals week after week.

A: With RecipeMatcher, you can try new recipes based on the groceries you already have at home. All recipes are easy to make and are based on basic ingredients.

4. I have a full bar (vodka, gin, tequila, etc.) and I want to make a great cocktail.

A: Type in these ingredients and RecipeMatcher will suggest hundreds of great cocktails!

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