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Company description
PressPass, Inc. (“PressPass”) is an Emmy Award winning New Media 

company supported by All Star, captain, and champion pro athletes 

including: Santana Moss, Sinorice Moss, Butch Beard, 

Darrell Reid, Jack Brewer and others.  It is revolutionizing the relationship 

between icons and fans by empowering professional athletes and other 

public figures to connect with fans and develop their personal brands in 

ways never before possible.   


PressPass produces and distributes exclusive, behind the scenes, 

documentary-style shows that highlight the off-field lives and interests of 

icons and merges that content with a tightly integrated social network 

featuring the latest in advanced social media technology.


Business model

The vast majority of videocontent on PressPass.TV will be free of charge and advertising supported. As many media consumers, particularly more affluent ones, are migrating towards the Internet from television in theirsearch for quality video content, advertisers are desperately seeking new ways toreach these valuable viewers. PressPass.TV will enable advertisers to access some of those key demographics, while providing them with exact viewership numbers and key userinformation (such as age, location, etc.).

We have developed four different advertisingrevenue streams. These include Roll-Ins on our video content, SpotCasts, product placement within video content, and banner/in-page/flashoverlay advertising within the social network.