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Company description

We are a unique and cost effective, newly formed, advertising company. Started in 2003 in Australia, myself and my business partner bought the firm in late 2008. We operate at nightclubs, festivals, sporting events and other entertainment venues throughtout the globe.


We provide advertisers with a chance to get their message imprinted, quite literally, onto their target audience.

Competitive advantage

Why use Hand Stamp Advertising?


Once your flyer has been put down... or the magazine tossed onto the coffee table... or the web browser closed... your ad is no longer working for you. By using hand stamp advertising, your company logo stays on the consumer's hand or wrist for an entire evening.


 Your hand stamp ad is not competing with the other 4 ads on the same magazine page, or the 30 other links on the web page... it's only you! We refer to this deliverable exclusiveness as "direct impact advertising."


Guaranteed repeat impressions to each consumer that is stamped with your logo. You do not have to breakdown and calculate what percentage of the ad's circulation will stumble across your ad, like you would with print advertising. By advertising with Passout Marketing, you can  feel confident in knowing that your advertising dollars are being spent effectively on ads that will be seen... each and every one of  them!


Nearly six times more cost-effective when compared to the average competitive CPC (cost-per-click) price with google keyword advertising. Many local and national advertisers are paying up to $6 per click to reach this target market.


With our competitive ad pricing, hand stamp advertising produces and guarantees more ad impressions, per capita spent, than any other advertising medium. This will assist in maximizing your ad campaign's ROI (rate of return / return on investment).


Your ad reaches not only the consumer, but also works as a virtual display ad. Your ad can also be seen by everyone the consumer interacts with while they are out with friends for a night on the town, as well as the other patrons inside the venues they visit