Location: Los Angeles, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2008
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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SpellSpace - a magical place
Los Angeles, California, United States United States
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Company description

Many seek answers and help for life's problems in the internet and finally there is a magical place that is safe and interactive where visitors get what they are looking for.  When someone enters SpellSpace they enter a place that walks a person through their life path, using tarot and providing solutions using magical encantations; a spell, a talisman charm or a potion.  This is just one comment from one person ' I want to thank you for having this service........ your cards have kept me alive by anticipating his next move and counteracting it with others help. thank you again'.   Many more believe in SpellSpace since 63% return.  

Though there is a lot of 'competition' in this area, no one does what SpellSpace does.  Personalized readings and social interaction linked with consumer products for those who are interested and are looking for anwers they believe in.   What you reach when you enter SpellSpace is an application filled with features aimed at providing solutions that can be purchased and shared, whether tangible or virtual. 


No one does this on the Internet within this industry and our services are revered by our visitors.  The numbers don't lie:

*  2009 achieved 63% return rate

*   2010 unheard of 7% bounce rate (93% stay on SpellSpace) with average time on site 10 minutes who visit up to 10 pages for return visitors 

*  Members regularly purchase products with an average of 65% repeat purchases. 




  • Tess Ross
    Tess Ross | Team member
     IT Professional Project Manager now own website business.  What an incredible learning experience.   We are just getting started.
Business model

SpellSpace attracts a large female audience who is educated and middle-aged.  Visitors love SpellSpace and keep coming back (some say they are addicted). A 2009 Pew study finds that 65% of people believe in some kind of magic and 20% of females actually search for help in this area.  SpellSpace has filled this void, receives revenue from Product Sales (both virtual and real), Target Ads, Premium membership.

Competitive advantage

Competitors would need to completely change their business model and create their own proprietary code.