Open Blue Sea Farms

Open Blue Sea Farms
We Raise Free Range Fish
New York City, New York, United States United States
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Company description

Provide the growing market of gourmet fish consumers a sustainable supply of branded, sashimi quality, healthy, nutritious and delicious marine white fish without damaging our oceans or its stake holders. We cultivate all seafood in an environmentally respectful manner using open ocean aquaculture, free range fish farming methods, the most environmentally safe methodology known.

Our initial cultivated specie is Cobia, a fast growing, exquisite white fish, high in heart health omega-3s and free of mercury, PCBs and other contaminants.

The company is in the process of vertically integrating the business to build production capacity, develop a strong brand and capture a larger share of the upscale, gourmet seafood market in the U.S. The Company is headquartered in NYC with operations in Panama.  Open Blue's management can be contacted at:



Business model

Open Blue Sea Farms Panama acquisition creates world’s largest open ocean aquaculture operation.
First harvest of "free-range" farmed cobia begins December 2009. 

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" Fishing Expedition: Fishfarming should be the next big thing. If so, Aquacopia will reel it in."

Open Blue & its initial VC, Aquacopia, are highlighted on

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The next seafood frontier: The ocean

Facing a global seafood crisis, one startup's solution is to farm the open seas.