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Company description

NeuStep has solved the most detrimental of problems plaguing the virtual tour market through the release of its WebWalk technology. Developed as a compliment to Google's widely popular Street View technology, WebWalk allows a user to seamlessly “walk-through” a location while retaining the ability to look in any direction, (360-view), at any point along the path. Instead of hording the technology internally, NeuStep has created the WebWalk platform, (, to empower freelance photographers and virtual media companies to service their own local markets.


Business model

NeuStep has shifted from being a full-service media company to a software licensing company. This shift empowers virtual tour providers and photographers to provide WebWalk technology within the real estate industry as well additional industries.



Competitive advantage

NeuStep’sinvestment in 6 years of research and development hasensured a very high barrier to entry for competitors. The continuedleveraging of business relationships created through this businessmodel will secure a pipeline for quick deployment of next-generationNeuStep offerings, already in development.