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Company description
My Life of Travel is a free travel journal and travel research tool that lets travellers record their journeys, map travel histories, share tips with fellow tourists and keep in touch with friends and family.
Users can create multiple travel journals consisting of an unlimited number of journal entries, stories and photos, using an upload tool which automatically compresses photos before upload in order to save time while travelling.
During the journal entry creation process, the site automatically maps users' travels onto an interactive animated world map, displaying routes travelled. Users can contact each other using the messaging system and send update emails whenever a new trip has been added.
The website hosts over 15,000 independent travel blogs and is currently focussed on establishing partnerships with complimentary travel brands.

Business model

My Life of Travel employs an advertising-based revenue model which enables advertisers to reach travellers through contextually relevant advertising placement on member journals.

Competitive advantage
My Life of Travel has developed, and is preparing to launch, a contextual advertising platform which enables advertisers to place advertising on specific journals tagged to world locations.
Knowing a user is interested in browsing a journal about Paris means we can allow advertisers to sell cheap Paris flights, hotels, tours, theatre tickets, etc. at the moment a user is researching their upcoming trip.