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Changing the way parents save memories of their children
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Sure, plenty of other sites allow parents to create online scrapbooks and keepsake photo albums, but no other site makes it easier for busy parents to collect and organize memories from invited family members and friends.

In today’s world, almost everyone has images gathering dust on their hard drives. Instead of devoting hours to tracking all these images and memories down on your own, let us help you with the legwork. You’ll end up with tons of memories you didn’t even know you had – and a whole lot more time for creating new ones.

So how do two childless guys end up founding an Internet company that’s all about babies?

Good question. Several years ago, the founders of MyBabyOurBaby found themselves surrounded by friends and colleagues embarking upon the wild journey known as parenthood. Labeled “Internet guys” by everyone they knew, Beau and Ray were constantly being asked to help with “doing online stuff” so the many new parents in their lives could show off their brand new, little people.

Then Ray had a stroke of genius (which he’ll tell you is a pretty common occurrence): Why not just create one web site where everyone can capture memories and easily share them with friends and family? Proving that chronic laziness can result in giant leaps for mankind, the two “Internet guys” quickly realized that creating one really awesome site would mean they wouldn’t have to keep creating new sites for every newborn baby they met.

Born in 2006, the idea for MyBabyOurBaby grew, slowly at first, from a casual project between two friends into the fully functional, feature-rich service you see today. Today, MyBabyOurBaby allows its members to showcase their memories in an interactive, collaborative space that grows and changes right along with the kids that are its inspiration.

The focus has been – and always will be – to help parents collect all kinds of memories in one safe, easy-to-use location that they can share with family and friends.

We hope you enjoy using MyBabyOurBaby as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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