Vizigy eLearning Technologies

We make it easy to create, deliver and monetize full featured video instruction courses overvthe Internet
San Jose, California, United States United States

We make it easy for instructional content producers and businesses to provide instructional video over the internet with a comprehensive e-learning platform for video and social media that enhances the learning process, creates stronger ties with students and builds added value for the teachers and schools.

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Company description

Vizigy offers a comprehensive streaming video, media eCommerce and social media platform to enable instructional content providers and enterprises to easily create, deliver and monetize self-paced instruction and eLearning. Vizigy provides a complete cloud-based solution for capturing, editing, managing and delivering structured and secure video instruction to desktops, mobile devices and tablets. We are also developing a variety of social learning features to enhance and augment the video learning. Featuring vertical market solutions for music education, software application training, healthcare, and skills-based training. Key features include: - secure video streaming - monthly subscription and tuition billing services - structured and unstructured courses - teacher video uploading and virtual lesson design - integrated class or school social media - and support for downloadable media with lesson videos .

  • Randy Whiting
    Randy Whiting | Team member
    Randy Whiting heads Brownstone Ventures which he established in 1999 to provide a vehicle to create and develop promising new business concepts primarily in the digital media. Since it’s founding, Brownstone has created a number of new busin...