Location: 88 Menachem Begin Street, Tel Aviv, Israel Israel
Founded in: 2007
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 12/2007, Seed: $700 k
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Moblica brings you the best Internet experience on your phone -
Tel Aviv, Israel Israel
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Moblica offers online service providers, media companies and content owners a fast track into the world of mobile Internet. By enabling an easy and rapid deployment of any online service as a full-featured mobile application, we extend our partners' reach to every Internet-enabled mobile device.

Moblica brings superior, designed-for-mobile user experience, giving end-users intuitive access to the richness of their favourite Internet services.


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Business model

Competitive advantage
Moblica provides a highly efficient environment for creating and delivering exceptional mobile applications that drive repeat usage. Our solution’s primary breakthrough is the provision of sophisticated functionality and excellence in graphical user interface to users of both mass market and high-end devices alike.

In addition, our solution removes key commercial barriers to delivering such services by ensuring an order of magnitude lower cost of set up, maintenance and future-proofing.

The ability to provide excellent mobile Internet solutions begins with understanding that the environment in which they operate is inherently different from that of PC based solutions. Concepts and designs which evolved for online services accessed from personal computers over broadband networks, where the user faces a large screen, navigates using a mouse and enters text with a keyboard, are mostly inapplicable to the mobile environment without intelligent redesign.

Drawing from this understanding, Moblica overcomes the difficulties that online service providers face and dramatically simplifies the process of launching successful mobile Internet services.

Rapid Application Development
Quickly and easily turn online services into compelling mass market mobile applications
Automatic Device AdaptationUser interface is automatically adapted to each device (e.g. select font, resize graphics, map keys)
Dynamic Feature SetNew applications and features are automatically presented to the user without the need for a client upgrade
Intuitive User Interface
Minimize clicks required to access content and perform actions, applications make full use of device softkeys, keypad, shortcuts, and menus
InternationalizationSimple localization and multilingual support
Fast Reponse Time
Smart network and data management
Rich User Interface
Enable visual and functional features beyond the capabilities of the actual handset (e.g. high graphics such as transparencies)
AdvertisingHighly targeted adverts can be inserted into applications on the fly
BrandingAny part of an application can be branded
Client Software updates
Mobile device client software updated automatically over-the-air (OTA)
Usage Reporting
Detailed usage reports on user activity, content views, ad views and actions
Handset Support

Supports low-end, mass market, and high-end mobile devices alike, automatically support new devices as they come to market