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MobiTV Inc is the leading provider and platform for content delivery over mobile and broadband networks; delivering live television, premium and primetime programming, video-on-demand, satellite and digital music services from the top broadcast and cable television networks and major music labels to millions of users worldwide.

MobiTV is the first Global Television Network targeting mobile phone and handset users worldwide. The service delivers live television feeds to subscribers in real-time over existing cellular networks. MobiTV is compatible with most Java- or BREW-enabled mobile phones with color displays. Viewers do not need additional equipment beyond a subscription to MobiTV and their carrier 's data package.

The MobiTV service is currently available on PCS Vision from Sprint. MobiTV is developed and operated by MobiTV, Inc. MobiTV is a registered trademark of MobiTV, Inc. All other trademarks, tradenames, service marks, service names and images mentioned and/or used herein belong to their respective owners.