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Company description

 Micazook was formed in 2004 with the view of developing the world's first 3D avatar world across multi platforms including mobiles devices. i-Citizen saw its debut in the summer 2007 for closed beta testing and was met with an overwhelming response. In March 2008 the company released the open beta version of i-Citizen across a multitude of 2G, 2.5G and 3G handsets which has so far exceeded most of our expectations. With the beat PC version just around the corner we are very excited about the future prospects of our products and services.

Business model

It is no secret that social networking is fast becoming the most favourable past time of the young and old across the globe. Applications such as Second Life have highlighted the consumer's appetites to engage in more interactive and engaging ways than ever before. With over 2 billion mobile handsets around the globe it is an obvious evolution that social networking should be as easy on a mobile handset as it is on a personal computer. Micazook has addressed these global issues with i-Citizen. Our current potential target audience of 700 Million capable mobile handsets together with 1 billion PC consumers opens a multitude of new and exciting ways of monetising this medium.


Advertising and search related Adver words, unique technology of Voice conferencing on Mobiles and VOIP for cheap calls across any mobile handsets, subscription billing and a newly developed technology we call Gideo that allows conventional PC games to be played on mobiles are ways that we plan to monetise this medium.

Competitive advantage

  i-Citizen is the worlds first mobile 3D world that currently has no competitors. On the PC our graphics and other technologies are more advanced than the currently available systems. Also our blend of social gaming with social avatar world is a new concept that isn't really been utilised anywhere else before.