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Company description helps members meet new people for business or social purposes, while providing control, privacy, verification and flexibility. Click "How it Works" on homepage to learn more and click FAQs.

What’s MeetingWave’s value to you?  Think of MeetingWave as creating immediate opportunities for you to be contacted by a potential employer or client to have lunch – without you ever having to disclose your contact information or identity.  You can ignore or decline, without ever revealing who you are.

MeetingWave is all about bringing immediate opportunities to you to meet new people, while giving you control, privacy and flexibility in deciding who you ultimately meet.

Currently, small business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, attorneys, real estate professionals, recruiters, job seekers, financial planners, and others are posting invites to meet new clients or customers, find team members or jobs, make new business contacts or form support groups.

Patent pending feature allows MeetingWave members to have their work or alumni email addresses "verified" by MeetingWave and display an indication of that verification on their profile.  A "verified" email address is one that has been confirmed as authentic and valid.  When someone sees verified email domains (e.g.,  or on your profile, they will know you must be associated with the university or company identified in the email domain.

Verification promotes trust and confidence in the information posted on a profile.

MeetingWave members can display their verified email domains on their MW profile ( and use that profile url VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE on the Internet with or without their identity.  see, http//

We recently launched alumni private labels to help alumni meet with other alumni:

And private labels for conferences, trade shows, hotels, resorts, associations and corporations

And we're planning to launch our iphone app in early Nov and integrate Google Latitude and Pay Pal payments in late Oct.

MeetingWave: How does it work?

Step 1: Members can post Invites that describe the type of people they want to meet or the purpose of their proposed meeting.  The Invite is published on the site, and anyone can browse the meeting and accept the Invite.

Step 2:  Each time someone accepts an Invite, MeetingWave notifies the meeting organizer by email that someone accepted the Invite. The organizer can then approve or decline each acceptance -- and can do so for any reason.  Meeting organizers can keep the location of their proposed meeting private and only make it known to attendees they’ve approved.  Attendees will be charged $0.99 once their acceptance is approved.

Step 3: MeetingWave then notifies only the people who were approved by the meeting organizer that they may attend the proposed meeting.  One of the MeetingWave “rules” is that only "approved" people may attend an organizer’s meeting.

MeetingWave’s simple 3 step process for organizing face-to-face networking meetings provides a lot of flexibility and versatility.

You can also search through Invites posted by others and accept those of interest.  If the meeting organizer approves your acceptance, the meeting is confirmed and you will be sent an invitation to attend the networking meeting. 

We also launched Meeting Alerts, a feature which allow you to save Advanced Searches (e.g., a search by zip code or keyword). MeetingWave will notify you by email when an Invite gets posted meeting your search criteria.

 With Google Latitude, both invites and meeting alerts will be geolocation-enabled allowing them to tag along with the user's real-time location without disclosing the user's specific location to enable real-time location-based networking.

Business model

Monetize Private Label MeetingWave platform - License to conferences, tradeshows, corporations, firms, hotels, alumni groups, associations, etc. for closed or semi-closed networking. See,
Monetize Website & Mobile Location-Based Applications (e.g., iPhone, Blackberry and Android) - Members accepting invites will be charged $0.99 if their acceptance is approved/confirmed.
Paid Premium Subscription – Offer added services and increased quality control/filters.
Sales Lead Generation – Pay per lead widget deployed on and off MeetingWave.
Targeted Ads – Sell ad inventory on MW and in emails that is targeted based on Invite content & Member profiles. Ads can drive members to offline retailers, in addition to online promotion.
Paid Venue Listing – List restaurants, bars, etc.

Competitive advantage
 • Offers a high degree of control, privacy, and flexibility for setting up meetings with new people 
 • Focuses on small, highly targeted meetings.  • Multiple revenue streams. 
 • Protected by U.S. Patent Nos. 6,963,900; 7,483,946 and 7,716,285 (Feb. 2000 filing dates).   Patent applications also filed for improvements.