We Connect Gamers to the Competitive Gaming Scene.
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Company description

MYeGamer allows competitive gamers to play one another online for cash.

We’re organizing and incentivizing the behavior of people already spending time doing what they love.

Business model

Credits and Tournaments

Any gamer on our site can purchase MYeGamer credits to enter competitive events to gain cash prizes and EGO points. MYeGamer will earn a percentage of all tournament and event prizes and entry fees. We expect to host 10 to 20,000 events/tournaments at any given time. Each event/tournament will average $20 for a typical prize pool. MYeGamer will deduct a 15% charge from each prize pool. 

Social Gaming Applications and Micro-payments

Social gaming create games that are immersive and entertaining but don't require a lot of game time to enjoy playing. Ubiquitous and frictionless gaming – easy to access and free to play for the casual gamer. Micro-payments is very popular and promotes “snack” gaming, which is frequent session play due to compulsion loops. MYeGamer will host social games like Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc. We will be a platform for social gaming publishers as well as flash game publishers. MYeGamer will share micro-payment revenues from these games with game publishers. 


Social distribution – Direct to consumer publishing coupled with channels enabling player-to-player viral distribution. As brand advertising shifts rapidly from offline to online, advertisers are looking for niche websites as they increasingly spend time apart from traditional media outlets. A recent report from eMarketer notes the importance of social networks online, estimating their marketing to reach $2.5 billion by 2011 in the U.S.

 Sponsored Events

Seamless end-to-end solutions – provide sponsors with marketing, advertising, and operational services for any online or offline event. MYeGamer will create strategic partnerships with major gaming corporations to connect with MYeGamer's user base to promote their products. Our platform is designed to host any size tournament and event on our website. Our system allows sponsored events to be messaged to all users of

 Gaming Services

Games as a Service (GaaS) – Provide gaming services such as cloud server hosting, client applications, and support to internet cafes and gamers. MYeGamer will seek online gaming partners such as OnLive to stream games directly to our users.


Clothing, computer accessories, and console accessories. 



Competitive advantage

Competitors: There are competitors in existence today; but they are fragmented and provide piece-meal functionalities that deter users from having a satisfying experience. We plan to centralize gaming functions at one place to attract the most gaming users.

Major League Gaming (

Leland Jones, a pro gamer for MLG since 2005, talks about his experience with the league,

"I have been attending MLG events since 2005 and have been a professional player (team ranked among the top 16) every year I've participated. As a pro player you would think I receive great benefits, seeing as this is the only professional console league in the US.

 Since 2005, MLG has promised pro players many different things to keep our interest but has never delivered. They promised Sponsors for all pro teams, the only sponsored teams are in the top 3. They promised media coverage for all pro teams to help get sponsors, the only teams mentioned ever are the top teams. I placed 6th at the national championships in 2007 and did not receive one word in the write-up or TV show that followed. We have pro player meetings every event and all I hear about is how the top teams are getting more than they already have. Not only do they bring in all the prize money (because MLG hasn't changed it in 4 years), they also get the sponsors, the media time and all the free gear. The reason MLG is still where they are is because they are the only game in town. Many pro players have posted their disgust with MLG on the public forums, the posts usually get taken down and we get some run around about how they are "working hard" on fixing the issues. I haven't seen any progress on our end in 5 years and quite frankly it's time for a change. "

  Our Competitive Advantages

  • Founded by professional gamers who know the market and who understand gamers and how tournaments should be ran.
  • No down times ;There is always a tournament running on the website.
  • A very user-friendly platform for competitive, hardcore or casual types of gamers.
  • Gamers and sponsors can create and host their own events on
  • Gamers will finally have a platform to voice their opinions on competitive gaming.
  • Competitive gamers  of all levels will have the chance to compete against other gamers for rewards and reputation (EGO  points).
  • Support from gaming communities that want a gamer run website.
  • MYeGamer has a higher reward rate, rewarding gamers in the top 30% instead of only top 1%
  • Professional gamers will be provided  with more incentives and bonuses like high stake tournaments and broader prize pools.