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LoyaltyMatch.com: Converting Loyalty Points to What you Want
Waterloo, Canada Canada
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Company description

Founded in 2006, LoyaltyMatch.com connects members from 55 countries and more than 180 loyalty programs everyday, empowering them to find and discover loyalty program reward goods, services and experiences. LoyaltyMatch has indexed more than 1,000 sources from across the web to help members make informed decisions about what rewards are available, which programs they are available from and how they can be obtained. LoyaltyMatch partners include UpTake.com and Sustainable Travel International. LoyaltyMatch Inc. is based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. More information can be found at www.LoyaltyMatch.com.



Tim Winship one of the World's most influential Frequent Flyer writers and regularly quoted in the mainstream media, including the New York Times, USA Today, Business Week, Kiplinger's, Money, CNN, MSNBC, and Wall Street Journal, states "LoyaltyMatch could be the next big thing". From  SmarterTravel

Business model
LoyaltyMatch.com (http://www.loyaltymatch.com) is the first and only place where loyalty program points and miles can be converted into cash or merchandise from other programs. At LoyaltyMatch.com shoppers can find members and pay cash to them for rewards from their programs. That’s good news for all the frustrated loyalty program members who can never seem to find what they really want. They can get cash to buy airline seats, they can pay off debt or just use the money to have some fun. They can also shop for thousands of items that they can buy or for which they can trade with other LoyaltyMatch.com members. People who are not members of any loyalty programs can also shop on the site.

All new member first transactions are free and subsequent transactions are only $1.99 CAD each. In addition, 1 % of the funds generated by each transaction is donated evenly to the Canadian Cancer Society and World Wildlife Fund. There is also a Community Commerce  section of the site where members can sell loyalty program rewards for cash which can be passed on to the local charity of their choice:  http://www.loyaltymatch.com/LoyaltyMatch/communitycommerce.action

LoyaltyMatch.com is also great news for the loyalty programs. They can benefit directly through expansion of their offerings to online shoppers and the potential to reduce the billions of dollars of financial liability that unused points and miles leave on their corporate balance sheets each year.
Competitive advantage