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Le Gourmet TV
A Gathering Place For Foodies
Ajax, Canada Canada
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Company description

Le Gourmet TV is a gathering place for foodies!

We produce HD broadcast quality branded content about food, wine, spirits and cooking. We reach highly motivated consumers who are looking for information on products in these areas.


Our content is placed on our own video on demand website; then it is hyper-syndicated to every video portal that we can find. This means that our content is available to anyone who is searching the web for food and beverage info.


Initial clients are kitchen appliance  manufacturers, vintners, distillers, and food producers. who want their brand messages integrated into the content.

Business model

We are going to generating revenue with brand messaging baked right into the content; kitchen appliances to food and beverage products. The videos are spread across the web video landscape, 'Hyper-Syndicated", as well as on the Le Gourmet TV portal.


We just aren't recipes, but deep consumer information about products. In most cases engaging consumers and answering questions that traditional ad media doesn't address.  

Competitive advantage
Out there at the front of the pack producing  consistently high quality video, and posting on a regular schedule.