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Environmental Packaging
Syosett, New York, United States United States
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GreenDustries has developed and commercialized a technological breakthrough, providing a superior packaging solution to the multibillion dollar, on-the-go food and QSR (Quick Service Resturant) industries.

The uniqueness of GreenDustries' technology lies in its structural, conceptual and functional innovation, which creates a unique packaging solution, with competitive advantages in respect to cost, the environment and consumer utility, as follows:

*  Economics / Cost  -  Significant cost savings in both raw material and   freight.

*  Environment  -  Ideally positioned to leverage the growing demand in the Green market.

* Consumer Utility  -  Consumer and product testing confirms superior attributes.

* Investment opportunity - Unique IP, proven tested technology, high client interest and strong management team

*  Company is well position  -  Ripe investment market for clean tech company that can demonstrate a differentiated product with superior econnomics and clean benefits.