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Company description

Green Plug Background

Green Plug's founder was the co-founder of the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) and he knows the results that are possible by aligning the interests of global manufacturers through standards. The company has identified a significant contributor to the high cost of battery-powered consumer electronics products, wasted energy and unnecessary toxic waste - and is doing something about it.

We are dedicated to the global proliferation of efficient power charging systems that utilize standardized power supplies, cables and connectors. A typical home or office has a dozen or more power transformers that convert between 90V and 254V wall power to device-specific DC power. Every adapter is physically unique and therefore is thrown away every time a device is replaced.

Green Plug has a better idea.

Green PlugTM - compliant devices request power from universal power supplies that are capable of delivering device-specific power requirements. All Green PlugTM-compliant devices utilize uniform cables and connectors; so, you never have to worry about finding the right adapter for your laptop, DV camera, cell phone or power tool. And, since Green Plug TM serves power to any device, you NEVER need to throw adapters away when you get a new laptop, cell phone or any battery-powered device.

The company sells embeddable power supply technology to consumer electronics, power tools and power supply manufacturers that:

  • Provides universal and safe connections
  • Is reusable and makes their products more affordable
  • Eliminates waste - providing benefits from environmentally friendly marketing
  • Generates customer loyalty
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