Graspr, Inc.

Graspr, Inc.
The Instructional Video Network
Mountain View, California, United States United States
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Company description
Graspr is an online video community that offers high quality instructional content on a wide range of topics. Our mission is to make the world a smarter place by bringing together people who possess different kinds of expertise, and helping them share what they know with others. We want to make knowledge more accessible, and thus empower users to explore new interests, cultivate new skills, and become even more proficient in the subjects they know well.

Graspr offers a number of features designed to enhance learning, connect people, and facilitate the discovery process.


At Graspr, you can:

  • Find videos on specific topics that match your interests and skill level. Search by keyword, search by Producer, or browse our videos by category.
  • Control your viewing experience. With Graspr's 'Scene' feature, you can jump straight to the parts of a video that interest you most.
  • Take notes. Add your own notes to a video - and keep them private or share with the Graspr community.
  • Rate and comment on videos. Your input helps other users make informed choices about which videos are best suited to their needs.
  • Share videos. We make it easy to send videos to friends or embed them on other Web pages.
  • Control distribution. Choose to share your videos with the entire Graspr community, or just with your friends.
  • Connect with people who share your interests. You can chat with others who are viewing similar content and swap stories, share tips or seek advice.
  • Impart your wisdom. Have specialized knowledge of your own? We invite you to share it with the Graspr community by uploading your own instructional videos.

Business model
At Graspr, we believe that learning is an inherently social process, so we've made it easy to connect with real people -- hobbyists, professionals, and celebrities -- who have wisdom and experience to share.


Graspr is the first instructional video site to launch of a syndication platform and online video editor, designed to help instructional video producers easily edit, promote, track, distribute and market their videos, as well as share in the advertising dollars that are generated around those videos. With such Graspr also launched its affiliate network which rewards referrals from producers and publishers within the Graspr network with a lifetime share in revenues generated around the video content they feature or produce.