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Towson, Maryland, United States United States
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Go4Funding.com is a new leading online network that brings entrepreneurs, existing business owners, and investors together from around the world. Entrepreneurs can post their capital requirements and business ideas for discussion while viewing various active funding options and potential leads. Investors, on the other hand, who are looking for business opportunities, can locate thousands of potential investments from across the globe.
   Online membership is currently free of charge. Since the launch in
March 2007, membership to Go4Funding.com has grown to over 4000
enthusiastic users, with over 3800 active funding requests. Members
can also rate business ideas, browse through the most viewed postings,
and share postings with non-members.
   The mission of Go4Funding.com is to offer a fast, efficient, and
friendly approach in which entrepreneurs, investors, and business
experts can connect worldwide.


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