Girl Ambition, a division of Gabo Media

Girl Ambition, a division of Gabo Media
Girl Ambition - Empowering Girls One Click at a Time
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Company description

Girl Ambition is a division of Gabo Media.  Gabo Media is the first technology company to develop a suite of tween-centric, COPPA and CAN-SPAM compliant social tools and services.  Gabo Media's first vertical product is "Girl Ambition," an online social community specifically designed to meet the needs of the modern tween girl demographic, ages 8 to 13.   The second product from Gabo Media will be "GabX," a COPPA compliant, boy-targeted online site.


Girl Ambition will offer tween girls parent-approved access to the most in-demand features that tech-savvy tween users desire from leading social network and utility providers - most of which are only sanctioned for users 14 years of age and older -- including: Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, Twitter, Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch and more.

Our motto: Girl Ambition:  Friends. Sharing. Fun.

Our tagline: Empowering tweens one click at a time.

Why Girl Ambition is right for girls:  

  • Provides girls with parent-approved - "Mom and Dad say it's OK" - access to the hottest social media tools and services available on the market today.
  • Allows girls to have fun customizing their own user experience.
  • Supports real-time communications for girls and their friends.
  • Offers girls access to fun groups, exciting games, entertaining videos, unique activities and more.
  • Delivers inspiring content for promoting real and virtual world experiences.
  • Girl Ambition is a really fun, highly engaging, interactive online space where me and my friends can hang out!
  • Because girls don't want to be on the same social network as their parents.

Why Girl Ambition is right for parents:

  • Girl Ambition is a community specifically created for tween girls and their trusted friends.
  • Provides parental "in-sight tools" which allows parents to easily and effectively manage their daughters online social community experience giving peace of mind
  • Ensures confidence that all interactive content is pre-screened and age appropriate.
  • Provides the required COPPA and CAN-SPAM compliancy that should be implicit in all tween media products.
  • Provides security-based protection of their child's PII (Personally Identifiable Information).
  • Serves as a resource for relevant advice and information that is contextual to how a tween girl lives today.
  • Provides parents with a fun, age-appropriate alternative from Facebook, MySpace or just saying "No" - Girl Ambition is a family "win / win" solution.
  • Girl Ambition will give girls the unexpected freedom they crave and parents will get peace of mind.
  • Because parents don't want to be on the same social network as their kids.

Business model

Girl Ambition is a new tween-centric social networking destination with at least five purposely designed routes to monetization including: 

  • 1) Freemium and Member Subscriptions, with varying degrees of membership;
  • 2) Value-Added Services that are offered via a "Girl Ambition VIP Membership levels of Gold, Silver and Bronze;
  • 3) Viral and eCommerce sales via micro-transactions;
  • 4) Sales of Gabo Media's proprietary "Private Label" social networking utility targeted to public and private label brands.
  • 5) Brand Sponsorships & Advertising

Below is a snapshot of these five areas of projected revenue:


1- Freemium (Free) vs. Paid Member Subscriptions


The Girl Ambition website will provide a baseline offering of free content to girls in order to entice and convert them into joining as a paid subscriber member.


Upon registration free members will receive a limited number of "Virtual Charms / credits," the site's currency, access to customization features and interactive / communication tools.  Paid Member Subscribers receive access to all core website features and services and premium content provided by selected Gabo media partners and advertisers.  In the Free Membership,

 there will be paid banner ads from Girl Ambition sponsors.  These will not appear for paid subscribers, who will only see promotional messaging to their Girl Ambition social network in the display advertising space.


The Girl Ambition subscription model is based on offering a low monthly subscription fee that is priced under market with competitive tween offerings, with the bulk of the site's monetization being made via micro-trans credit purchase for access to value-added services and premium content.  The subscription fee will initially be discounted in order to attract parents to purchase the subscription for their daughter, incent their daughter to pass a 50% discount coupon to her friends to join her Girl Ambition social network, and a slashed 75% subscription for Girl Ambition gift subscriptions. (Note: The P&L is only modeled on the discounted models; subscription fee will raise as website traffic increases, but will always be priced competitively).


Subscription Model:


$49.90 full-price annual Girl Ambition Subscription Fee

  • 50% off for limited time - $24.95/annual fee or $2.07 a month
  • 50% off for your BFF - send a Girl Ambition discount coupon
  • 75% off for an Girl Ambition Gift Subscription Memberships - $16.63/annual fee or $1.38 per month



2- Value-Added Services - VIP Membership levels:  Gold, Silver and



Girl Ambition will offer a variety of value-added services with associated membership levels, where girls will need to purchase in-system credits or "Virtual Charms," the currency of the site, in order to pay for access to premium content and features or privileges throughout the site.  Tiers of service are offered at three different price points, each with varying benefits.


Virtual Charms = 100 credits = $1 USD.


  • Bronze VIP Membership - $4 /month (in addition to subscription fee)
  • Silver VIP Membership - $7/month
  • Gold VIP Membership - $9/month



VIP Membership


The following breaks out the perks and privileges for each level of VIP Membership:


Earn More Virtual Charms and Credits for Every Interaction

Normal members earn Virtual Charms and/or credits for interacting with the Girl Ambition website - logging in, adding friends, playing games, earning Badges and more.  A Bronze level VIP Member will earn 50% more Virtual Charms for every action they take on the site. A Silver VIP will earn 100% more and a Gold VIP will earn 200% more Virtual Charms currency.


  • Monthly Allowance - Virtual Gifts
  • Get More Value Out of Your Virtual Charms!
  • Swap It! - Girl Ambition Vintage Swap Shop
  • Do Good - Feel Good!
  • Games, Games, Games!
  • Exclusive Customization Features 
  • Badges
  • Stickers
  • Access to New Features First
  • Access to "Cool Stuff" Product Reviews on GabTV First

3 - Viral and eCommerce Sales via Micro-Transactions

As noted, Virtual Charms are the integrated virtual currency and points system on the Girl Ambition site. Virtual Charms allow girls the option to pay for virtual items, perks and privileges throughout the site.  All girls receive Virtual Charms upon first signing up for the website - even free members.  One Virtual Charm = 100 credits = $1USD. 

Virtual goods micro-transactions are growing at a fast clip and we anticipate this to be a lucrative area of the site.


4- Sales of Gabo Media's proprietary "Private Label" social networking

    utility targeted to public and private label brands.


Many different private and public brands want to expand the footprint of their brand IP into the digital social networking arena, but lack the knowledge or development resources to do it on their own.  Licensing Gabo Media's proprietary, modular social networking utility will show them how to do it. We will customize our tool to create a social networking utility for any brand, targeting any consumer segment, with the utility's feature set customized to the appropriate target consumer demographic.


5-Brand Sponsorships, Promotions & Advertising

Brand Sponsorships & Promotions


The captive and interactive nature of Girl Ambition makes it an ideal property for sponsorships with companies like American Girl, with whom we are already working, and others across many industry categories, including:

  • o Health and Beauty: Dove, Teen Spirit, Crest, Tampax, L'Oreal, Bonne Bell, Stridex, Avon
  • o Food: Safeway, Stop & Shop, Winn Dixie, Publix, Whole Foods, Fresh & Easy
  • o Clothing and Accessories: Abercrombie, Limited Too, Justice, Payless, Target, Kohl's, American Eagle, Old Navy, Gap, Van's
  • o Sports and Fitness: Nike, Adidas, Speedo, Tyr, Cannondale
  • o Home Furnishing: Target, Pottery Barn (PB Teen), Crate and Barrel, The Home Depot, IKEA
  • o Entertainment: Disney, DreamWorks Animation SKG, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros., Sony, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Summit





We also have banner ad space for the free version of the Girl Ambition experience only, which we will monetize but very judiciously, only partnering with "good for you," healthy brands.  There is ample research to show that over commercialization is a turn off, but done in a fun, interactive way, research shows that tweens do not advertising as long as it is smart and entertaining.  Parents will know that Girl Ambition will not partner with unhealthy brands and that all online display ads in our network are clearly labeled "Advertisement" and are COPPA compliant.  A large portion of our ads will promote various areas of the site and site activities.  Any placed or banner type ads will be toned down similar to the approach taken by PBS, the public television channel, so they are viewed as informative and entertaining. 


In addition to Girl Ambition's online display advertisements, Gabo Media will create a display advertising network with all of its private label partners, incentivizing cross-promotion between brands, and only done if appropriate for each site and its age demographic.


Sales Teams


Given the social nature of Girl Ambition, word-of-mouth, from tween to tween and parent-to-parent, is our best form of advertising.  To reach groups of parents, grandparents and girls, we created selling clubs so parents who share our passion will be empowered to spread the word about Girl Ambition.

  • o GAM (Girl Ambition Mentor): Mentors will be incentivized to sign up 100 members and earn over $1,500. Associates sign up on the Website and receive a unique code and an electronic sales kit. They will also receive tools and online training to speak at school assemblies, PTA meetings, religious organizations and other events. They will complete an online training session and be trained in 15 minutes.
  • o Girl Ambition: For every five friends a girl enrolls, she receives Virtual Charms to spend at the Girl Ambition Mall. To promote Kid Ambition, members will see a message like this at sign-in: It's more fun to play with friends. Ask your friends to join Girl Ambition today!
  • o Partner Affiliate Programs




Girl Ambition is currently targeting major product, clothing and accessory brands in order to create a virtual "mall" for the selling of merchandise online.  We are expecting our virtual sales to grow as the market potential is identified and demand to create personal virtual items increases in popularity among kids.



Competitive advantage
Girl Ambition provides many advantages over the current landscape of Web sites focused on the tween market, including:
  • Safety: Our focus is on protecting and teaching girls lifelong lessons
  • Parent Participation: Our site ensures acceptance and buy-in by parents
    Approved Email/IM:Girl Ambition offers tween girls big-kid communication tools, as it trains girls for the Web
  • Content:  Our tween members generate additional content for the site, which increases interest and relevance