GIFTVENTURE: Wrap your gift in adventure
Henderson, Nevada, United States United States
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Company description

We have re-invented gift giving. Giftventure is a personal treasure hunt. A child receives personal letters from a fantasy character that lead to a gift you hide.

When the gift is discovered, it is no longer just a present; it is a well-deserved reward at the end of an exciting and educational journey!


The company is an opportunity to build a scalable, protectable, high-margin, and viral entertainment services company as the first mover around a new product category called Giftventure. The company uses proven technologies in a patent-pending manner to address a new market ($2.2B) that is comparable to the greeting card industry ($10B). There are numerous expansion opportunities as well, such gift bundling (e.g., partner with Amazon), merchandizing (e.g., custom wrapping paper and lunch boxes), corporate promotions, children’s destination web site and international development.

Business model
Giftventure Studios earns money by selling Giftventure products and services on its web site. Prices range from $15 to $30. All printing, stuffing, and mailing is outsourced to 3rd-party printers at a 80% gross margin dramatically reducing capital requirements. Recent innovations in printing technology have proven this to be an effective model. The Giftventure concept is an extremely profitable model requiring a modest capital base for operational expenses. The team behind the company is highly skilled and currently responsible for creating new products and vertical market integration. The team outsources all labor- and capital-intensive portions of the business to 3rd-party vendors.
Competitive advantage
Giftventure has core intellectual property: pending patents, trademarks, and copyrights. As the first mover into a new space, the company has the opportunity to tie up key distribution, e-commerce, and content relationships before other entrants gain traction. Also, the company has started to build the brand of “Giftventure” as the de facto name for this space - just like you “Google for something” you might “send a Giftventure.” Our technology can be licensed by anyone for a fee. The emergence of a large competitor will validate our business model and create strategic partnerships for licensing our technology. The patent-pending algorithm that allows for dynamic creation of the adventures and outsourcing of their production is designed to support multiple vendors’ content. The team designed the business model so that competition will directly lead to an exit opportunity. The market is large enough to support a stand alone brick-and-mortar company as well.