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Gemini Mobile Technologies
San Mateo, California, United States United States
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Company description

Gemini MobileTechnologies®, has developed a 3D mobile virtual community platform called eXplo®, where users navigate through a 3D world using an avatar. Users can chat with each other, share photos, shop, play games, access the Web, and watch videos including YouTube. Gemini has launched 3D mobile communities in China with China Unicom called Palm Campus and Japan with SoftBank Mobile  called S!Town. Today, S!Town is available on over 50 handset models.


Gemini launched its own service called Motropolis in the U.S. It's available on the iPhone App Store and for Java users  on the Motropolis website at It will be a free service and will earn revenue from in-world advertising and the sale of avatar clothing and accessories. “Advertising” in a 3D world opens up new possibilities for mobile users. Most mobile advertising is WAP-based and ineffective. eXplo creates virtual real estate where advertisers can place billboards that take users to web sites with the click of a button. They can then return to eXplo without having to re-launch the application. Also, eXplo creates an exciting, new medium for mobile-based avatar-based campaigns involving product placement,sponsorship, and virtual games – all centered around the advertiser’s brand.