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 ABOUT FIXYA: FixYa is a community of 9 million members who share, learn and connect over household, tech and consumer support tips. This community of concerned consumers share real world experience and practical tips on more than 6000 brand name retailers. From fixing toasters, to Tivos, to cars, FixYa's community members are part of a DIY revolution that helps empower techies, tinkerers and hobbyists across the globe.

Competitive advantage

Some interesting features of the site include:

  • The site contains more than 1 million tips on everything from toasters to Tivos
  • FixYa contains a vast knowledge base of over 9 million members
  • A unique voting system ensures the most relevant search results
  • Members can register to store files, organize receipts and extend warranties
  • Members can earn extra cash by becoming experts and answering premium assistance questions from home.
  • Partnerships and premium assistance subscriptions ensure steady revenue flow
  • New partnership program to be released in late Oct.*