Filtrbox - real-time social media monitoring
Boulder, Colorado, United States United States
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Company description

Discover what your customers are saying about you on Twitter, social networks, blogs and news sites. Filtrbox monitors conversations on millions of sites in realtime and alerts you to things that are directly relevant to your business. Participate in the conversation, build closer relationships with your customers,  and watch your brand and business grow. 


Filtrbox delivers daily emails with new articles, and provides a rich web application to monitor, analyze, and collaborate on Filtrs (searches). Unlike google alerts, Filtrbox removes duplicates, maintains history of what you have seen, and allows feedback to fine-tune your results. Articles are scored based on relevance for noise control also.  

You can try Filtrbox for free @ 

Business model
SaaS, recurring subscriptions
Competitive advantage

Broad, Comprehensive coverage

realtime alerts


FiltrRank - relevancy scoring, noise control


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