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Fee Disclosure
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Westlake Village, California, United States United States
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Company description
Company Overview

Fee Disclosure is the premier real estate disclosure company that empowers consumers with comprehensive information to make smart real estate decisions and reduce their real estate and mortgage transaction costs. Additionally, our systems will promote and market responsible local real estate service providers.
What we are not

Fee Disclosure does NOT broker real estate or mortgage transactions and we do NOT collect a commission or payment on your transaction.
Why consumers need

With consumers being charged as much as $53 billion in real estate closing costs per year, FeeDisclosure is positioned to help save up to $17 billion in 'junk fees'. FeeDisclosure is a free solution to help educate consumers and promote transaction fee transparency as well as non-discriminatory practices. Our online portal will help match consumers with service providers to both drive down transaction fees and provide full fee disclosure.
Based in Westlake Village, California, FeeDisclosure has developed a patent pending online portal to create an open marketplace to breakdown complicated vendor fees. The FeeDisclosure system will expose the excessive transaction fees commonly referred to as "junk fees" by providing consumers with the knowledge to make informed decisions.
Key benefits of FeeDisclosure:

 Comprehensive disclosure
 Reduce real estate and mortgage transaction closing costs
 Provide consumers with a free, instant quote showing all transaction fees
 Promote anti-discriminatory abuse in the real estate industry
 A free, instant Fee Analysis Report of the Good Faith Estimate and Closing Statement
 Help local service providers market themselves in an economical, open environment

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