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Company description
Express Tax Lane® (ETL) enables companies to offer popular, fast refund tax return services without becoming a tax expert. Express Tax Lane is designed for simple short form (1040A) or 1040 with Schedule A tax clients.  Just log on to the ETL website, ask your client some simple questions in a web-based interview format, fill in the blanks, gather some basic documents, and electronically submit the tax return to the processing center.  Our staff of licensed and highly-trained tax preparers will review and prepare the finalized return and transmit it to the IRS and state tax agencies (where applicable.)  

Once the tax return is approved, you print your clients refund check and you’re done. Since your fees and our fees are deducted directly from your client’s tax return, there are no payment transactions to manage.  It’s that simple. Give us a call or go on our web site.
Business model

Express Tax Lane...

  • Targets simple Short Form 1040A and 1040/Schedule A tax returns
  • Requires NO extra software or equipment in your office
  • Easy-to-use online (internet-based) program-no software to install
  • Includes marketing materials and guides to help you get started
  • Includes unmatched training for you and all of your employees
  • Minimal up-front licensing fees
  • Includes tax and technical support from bilingual agents
  • Present your core insurance products (if applicable) to new tax customers
  • Add new tax return revenue from your existing customers

Do you have regular, loyal customers?  Are you looking for a way to increase your profits without a lot of up-front costs and risks?  Express Tax Lane® is the solution.  We help you offer tax preparation services to your customers without the need to become a tax expert.  Backed by a very successful tax firm that has served tens of thousands of clients, we'll lend our expertise in better serving your customers and growing your bottom line.


With over 25 years in the tax business, we possess the tools and experience to help you offer tax services through your business or practice.  Fast.  Friendly.  Accurate.


Competitive advantage



The whole concept is easy.  You interview your client when they come in with their tax paperwork for the prior year, things like W2’s and end-of-year mortgage interest statements.  During the interview, you or the customer doesn’t even see a tax form.  You just ask them some questions, enter it into the computer as you’re interviewing them, and finish the process.  It takes about 15 minutes.  When the interview is complete, the data is sent to our service bureau in Dallas, Texas, and our certified tax team double checks everything.  When the return is ready, we send it electronically to the IRS.

We are with you all the way—from early training to marketing and other support as needed.  We provide you with sample marketing materials—from coupons to banners  to postcards—even audio and video clips for you to do radio and TV advertising if you want.

The bottom line: we make money if you make money and we do everything we can to help you succeed in adding a profitable new service to your business.