Making a phone call just got smarter.
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Company description

DialPlus is a San Diego, California based company setting out to change the definition of a phone call by automatically showing visual information from the web for a phone number before, during and after the call. DialPlus will become the de facto standard for translating a phone number in to visual information, enabling any type of device that can make a phone call, has a display and has internet connectivity.

DialPlus creates a better web experience by deconstructing and re-assembling just the right information, right when you want it. DialPlus solves the constrained browsing and content discovery issues of the mobile phone by breaking down the silos of the mobile ecosystem. For every phone number, DialPlus presents just the right information, mobile applications, web services and mobile search in a clean and intuitive interface to enhance the call.

A multitude of experiences can be created using the DialPlus platform.  An enterprise or mobile CRM solution can be enabled by simply plugging that information in to the DialPlus platform. An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system can become visual for callers using DialPlus.

DialPlus is a powerful advertising platform. DialPlus can target ads based on a users demographics (age, sex, location) as well as psychographics. Targeting ads based on call intent and calling history further empowers an  advertiser to reach a user when they are most engaged with their phone.

Our philosophy is simple: allow people to use the phone the way they always have — making and receiving calls, and let DialPlus provide endless possibilities to easily and intuitively access useful information, services and applications based on your calls.

Business model

Long term, DialPlus will be an ad-subsidized product and free to end users. Every call to or by a DialPlus user can deliver at least one high value, targeted ad impression, so the revenue ramps quickly in to a big business. DialPlus will also generate revenue through affiliate click-thru to applications and content linked off of our Smart Result(TM) pages.

In the short term, DialPlus will be sold as a 1-time purchase and subscription product direct to consumer and through direct carrier distribution deals.

Competitive advantage
DialPlus is first to the US market with this comprehensive experience. Others have begun to play on the edges, but nobody has created the entire experience that DialPlus has in an easy to deploy and scale platform.