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Curse is the premier MMO game portal, wholly dedicated to massively multiplayer games and gamers.
Our mission is to provide a single, comprehensive, and accessible resource to enhance our users’ gaming experiences.
Curse supports the MMO community by providing the tools gamers need to succeed.

Who We Are / Where We Came From
An avid MMO gamer, Hubert Thieblot founded the renowned Curse guild during the early days of the online game Dark Age of Camelot. The guild earned
notoriety in Dark Age of Camelot, and later in World of Warcraft for various competitive feats.
As an early adopter of add-ons — interface enhancements for World of Warcraft and other games — Thieblot recognized a need within the community for a centralized add-on resource.
Thieblot hired experienced management and creative teams to help build Curse into a one-stop-shop for all add-on needs. Thanks to their hard work and extraordinary talent, Curse has grown to become one of the largest online gaming resources on the web — and the most visited third-party World of Warcraft website.

Where We Are Now
Curse offers gamers an unparalleled social experience revolving around their favorite games. While other websites may individually include databases, news, forums and other offerings, Curse is the only portal with all of this and more.
From video and screenshot sharing, wikis, databases, and add-on downloads to social bookmarking, blogging, forums, and guild website hosting, Curse truly is an invaluable resource for MMO gamers.