Curiosk Marketing Solutions Inc.

Curiosk Marketing Solutions Inc.
Beverage marketing company helps retailers connect with shoppers in the wine aisle.
Toronto, Canada Canada
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Company description

Curiosk is redefining the way people shop for, buy, give, receive and enjoy wine and spirits. Installing a Curiosk touchscreen kiosk lets wine & liquor retailers enhance customer service, increase basket size, achieve store differentiation,  provide a value added product and turn browsers into buyers. The Curiosk product and process is an innovative and informative, creative and convenient retailing solution.


How does it work?

Simply scan the barcode label to receive product information such as; tasting notes, food pairing notes, serving recommendations and cellaring guidelines. Then use the touchscreen to personalize and a print a greeting card. The patents pending card containing both the product information and the personal message, prints at the kiosk and is designed to fit over the neck of the bottle. It is the ultimate greeting card.

Business model

The Curiosk objective is to conveniently provide consumers with wine and spirits information and give them the ability to share this information with others. To facilitate an effective deployment strategy, Curiosk retains ownership of the kiosk. We provide servicing, maintenance and card replenishment needs. Our primary revenue source is by being a transactional kiosk at the consumer level - scan for free product information then pay $2.95 to print. We provide our solution to retailers with an extremely cost effective program. Retailers provide a nominal upfront payment and recurring monthly payments. Winery and spirits suppliers participate at no cost and we give them a venue to promote their brands at the exact moment a consumer is making a purchase decision. Each time a card is printed the revenue accrues to Curiosk. We provide a revenue share component with the retailer to offset much of their monthly fee. For the retailer this is a tangible return from card sales to supplement increased product sales realized by providing effective and timely product knowledge.


The application and functionality will continually be enhanced to make best use of the retail space secured. This will include advertising and other revenue generating and information gathering opportunities. Our low cost of entry along with our effective and unique application will support our deployment strategy to be the leader in the field of wine and spirits information kiosks.

Competitive advantage

Patents pending retailing solution for our unique card which differentiates us from other wine kiosk solution providers. 

Transactional kiosk at the consumer level enables a low cost of entry for retailer deployment.

Utilizes market leader IBM hardware, software and kiosk managment tools.