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ComplaintCommunityTM is a brand new, unique, dedicated web-based complaint management solution, and the only site that aims to service all interested parties in the complaint management process.

There are over 5 billion global complaints per annum - we can help with every one!. We have built the site to cover all the complaint "bases"
- allowing you as an individual to post and manage your complaints online
- allowing you to join with a GroupComplaintTM - our unique tool. No other website offers the facility for a large group of people to manage their common complaint
- connecting you to the complainee directly, other complainers and dedicated Expert Advisers
- and... if all else fails, they can help you find a Better Offer!
- And it's completely Free To Use for the consumer!.

ComplaintCommunityTM isn't just for customers to use for their complaints though
- it's also got a whole suite of tools to support all business's to successfully manage their customers complaints!

How does It Work?
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Confidential - available upon request

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Unique array of full service products and services