Celebrity Spouses
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States United States
Founded in: 2008
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Celebrity Spouses

Social Communitry for the Spouses in top 3 entertainment industries
Boston, Massachusetts, United States United States
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Company description

Celebrity Spouses is a social community, both online and in the real world, that has been designed to connect, support and reward
all spouses in the Three fields of Entertainment industry TV/Movies, Music, Pro Sports globally.

There are many challenges for a spouse/partner in the Entertainment industry. Our Goal at Celebrity Spouses, is to provide the resourses to try and make a happier home. Happy Spouse is a Happy House.

Information relating to Relationships, Health, Home, Well being, luxury retailers, top-end restaurants and bars, and exclusive events worldwide. Celebrity Spouses provides not only a support network, but an enriching social and personal experience in an extremely safe, protected and secure atmosphere

Marketers in the world. Please don't forget about the strongest consumer in the world... The Women
Just take a look at these stats*

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases in the United States, and purchase:

* 91% of New Homes
* 62% consumer electronics
* 92% Vacations
* 80% Health care
* 65% Auto purchases and influence 85%
* 89% Bank Accounts
* 93% Food and groceries
* 93 % OTC Pharmaceuticals
* 74% all NBA and NFL apparel
* 42% women currently are growing the professional sports industry

And would you believe that women purchase: 81% of riding lawn mowers!

Women are expected to acquire 94% of the growth in U.S. private wealth between now and 2010.


Women. Marketing. sponsorship, Pro Sports, Tv,film, music advertising,

Business model

Celebrity spouse was created to fill a void.

The Entertainment industry is the 3rd largest in the World.

They are worlds in there own worlds.

TV/Film- Actors, directors, crew, production, Agents, managers, lawyers

Music- Artist, producers, engineers, Tour crew, management, Agents, Managers,

Pro Sports- Athletes, coaches, executives, Agents, mangers,


Life as a spouse in the entertainment industry looks glamorous and exciting. With the Money, world travels, latest products, designer clothing.

As these are all true. There is also a side most do not see or often hear about.

The long periods of separation, as there partners are off filming a movie, on a long tour,  playing there sport.  Often times these periods are for many months at a time.    Leaving the partner at home to handle all aspects of home life as well as often handling there spouses careers. Dealing with managers, agents and lawyers.   

There spouses raise millions of dollars a year of charities and communities.

In the world of Pro Sports,  many of the leagues have a wives association.

Many run there own successful businesses.  Run high profile charity events,


Each entertainment arm has its own unique issues and challenges.  Never has anyone brought them all together in a unique and healthy environment.


Each industry on there own  Unions, organizations that provide programs, resources, industry news.  Nfl offers a broadcasting class for the players,  Sag has the Actors fund,  Often times the spouses are unaware of these that are being offered.  


Celebrity Spouses has created a unique, one of a kind  location for the empowerment of the spouse and family.


As a member of the society they will be able to find all the information they need in one central location. 

Articles on Home Improvements.  Relationships, Finance,  Child care


Webinars the likes of

Branding Boot Camp,    Don’t retire Rewire, 



How to buy and successfully run  a business, how to buy a franchise.

Start a foundation. 


Membership benefits

Discount programs exclusive to members

Hot Products, News restaurants, travel destinations


Calendar of events.

Charity events, fashion shows, openings, 


 Social Networking.

Members will be able to connect, meet new friends and reconnect with old ones.