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Company description

One of the challenges that faced the original Cavallere was that our content covered too broad a subject matter, and therefore, there was not enough consistent posting in each subject area to draw returning readers.  After evaluating our situation as well as meeting with a few successful bloggers, we determined that it was time to change the face of Cavallere, and create what is soon to be Cavallere - The College Media Network.

The Cavallere Media Network will consist of one central hub site, which will provide readers with the latest videos and stories from the daughter sites, and the daughter sites which will be highly targeted to a specific niche market.  The first two sites to launch after the hub (currently, will be which will review a wide variety of products that can be found in a male college student's dorm room, and, which will focus heavily on providing free fitness programs that can be completed easily in a typical college gym as well as diet and supplementation information, all from a college student's point of view.

Though these two sites have our immediate attention, we will expand the media network by actively recruiting bloggers who's current content is in line with the Cavallere mission - to provide college men with the information necessary to improve their current situation and make the transition from college student into what society deems adults as smooth as possible.  In exchange for providing content on a regular basis, Cavallere will provide the blogger with a site, domain, technical support, hosting, advertising and a percentage of the advertising revenue from that site. 

Business model