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Company description

CareFlash was founded by Jay Drayer out of an experience he had within his family when a member was diagnosed with a chronic heart disorder. Testifying to how positive transformation can be driven by a tragic event, the experience that motivated Jay to depart his career path in corporate finance surrounded the 9/11 tragedies in which he witnessed the second plane's impact on the World Trade Center while on his way to a 9:00 meeting that morning at 60 Wall St. Jay calls himself a recovering CFO who was inspired to create a service that filled-in the gaps delivering rich features and content, lacking in other providers that offer thinly featured online "care communities". CareFlash is headquartered in Houston.

What does CareFlash do?

CareFlash provides patients and their loved ones with a centralized, private, secure web community, featuring plainly narrated 3-D patient education resources, and rich features for engaging help from friends to assist through a health crisis or in eldercare. Features are bundled into an easy-to-use, integrated web community that requires no technical knowledge and can be setup in minutes while accomplishing the following.

  • Improve patient experience while bridging language barriers
  • Improve the productivity and effectiveness of healthcare practitioners
  • Multi-faceted iHelp calendar facilitates meals, transportation, errands and scheduling
  • Centralized communication and support relieves anxiety in patients and family care providers
  • Branded care communities provide powerful, exponential marketing reach
  • Enhance patient satisfaction while driving performance ratings
  • This video explains how care communities help patients and their families and friend

Business model
Advertising, licensing, sponsorships
Competitive advantage

3-D animations directly pertinent to that particular circumstance automatically and dynamically load into each community to benefit members.  Our animations, of which there are thousands, explain illnesses, treatments and anatomy at a cellular level and are plainly narrated in English, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Hungarian... and Japanese is in process.


The iHelp calendar provides an effortless, unobtrusive way for people to request, engage and organize help from within their personal community.  Assistance can be very easily engaged along with meals, errands and the like, without putting anyone on the spot.  CareFlash eliminates the redundancy that so commonly accompanies such circumstances, as well as the awkwardness of asking for help.  This allows users to engage assistance from their entire community versus the normal tendency to rely on the next-door neighbors for 99% of needed assistance. 


Each community features a secure blog for updates, explanations, prayers and well wishes.  Since this process is email-enabled, when someone posts a recovery status update, an explanation, or a request through the iHelp calendar, everyone in the invited community receives a personalized email with a link to the post.  This can as easily involve friends and family, as well as associates and members of their clergy.


Communities are private, secure, and encrypted to ensure that no one knows what is transpiring with a family and their community, unless the members want them to know.


The bottom line?  We provide people with a private framework to get things done when they need to be done, flexibility when they need to focus on their own sanity, and priority when all their well-meaning loved ones are wanting to be engaged and involved… allowing the caretakers to focus on the most important person – the patient.


And throughout all this, the employer is consistently but unobtrusively acknowledged as the soft sponsor that goes above-and-beyond most other employers.  And in today’s world, the implications CareFlash represents for retention, hiring, attendance, productivity and quality all speak for themselves.