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Based in Boston, Massachusetts at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Baazar Music Productions offers professional musical services for any form of multimedia featuring real, live, trained musicians, in attendance or alumni of Berklee College of Music.



Not in Boston? - Why us?

You’re a filmmaker, agency or project developer and you have a vision for your final product. You want it to sound a certain way and you want it to cue with your visual media at specific moments. You’d never believe that a composer literally across the globe could collaborate on your project, understand that vision, follow through on your specific guidelines, and deliver that project to you on time.... until now.

Modern technology allows:

1. Voice Over IP (VoIP) Internet Audio and Video Chat - With programs such as GoToMeeting, and Glance, We can see and speak to each other at any moment, 24/7. We can discuss your vision and your expectations as well as make on-the-fly changes and modifications. Believe it or not, you can actually watch and hear recording sessions through our laptops to your computer.

2. Web Conferencing and Browser Sharing - We can literally take control of your internet browser and show your our exact desktop and applications. This allows us to play you back audio segments in sync with your video, show you the score itself, and discuss any other technical topics from your own home, office or studio at any time during the creation process. We can make any changes you request from our end without having to wait until we return to our studio.

3. FTP File Sharing - We can simply, easily, drag and drop files to each other with our online ftp server. We can exchange video, music and any other files in seconds, in any format you require.

In addition, our location at Berklee College of Music in Back Bay, Boston, Massachusetts gives you:

1. 4,000 of Berklee’s Musicians - Nowhere else in the world is there such a collection of talented vocalists, guitar players, pianists, drummers, stringed instrumentalists, horn players, harpsichordists... You name it, we’ve got it! Our social network has brought us to some of the best musicians in the world who are happy just to be generating a resume and material for their careers. These are personal friends of ours who can be given a score and parts ahead of time and rehearsed with, before recording sessions.

2. Mix One Studios: Boston's Premiere Recording Facility - With several studios, including Foley rooms equipped with 5.1 surround sound, Mix One has an extensive list of clients including Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, and HBO and of course, they’re Baazar Music Production’s first choice for live audio recording.

3. Professional Trained Composers - Instructed at Berklee College of Music, Baazar Music Productions is run by composers trained in composition in nearly every genre of music from Pop/Rock to Jazz, Classical to Country, Metal to Afro-Cuban and Hip-hop/Dance.

What you won’t get at Baazar Music Productions:

1. Tons of Artificial, Sampled MIDI - We strive to get as much real, live audio into our productions as humanly possible, time and budget permitting. It doesn’t matter how good a sample library is compared to a live player.

2. Bored Union Musicians - No union fees, no anxious session guys who are just looking for a paycheck and have no stake in your project.

3. Travel Costs, Wasted Time and Local Expenditures - No expensive Starbucks coffee meets, no subway tickets, gas money or wasted time moving to and from studios and offices.

Still not convinced? We’ll demo a segment of your project for free. Baazar...

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