AlphaGenics, Inc.

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AlphaGenics, Inc.
Learn about your inner truth with MyGene Da Vinci, our non-medical DNA profile that identifies your natural inputs into behavior, personality, weight, athletics, sex, creativity and relationships,
Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States United States
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Company description

Our innovative products use non-medical DNA analysis to help customers obtain more control over their lives. We help people satisfy fundamental needs to successfully control weight, raise kids well, and have a super marriage. Everyone knows their parents gave them a hereditary blueprint. Now there is an affordable way to learn what that blueprint actually looks like.

MyGene DaVinci to taps into the universal desire people have to know more about themselves. MyGene DaVinci identifies how 100 different non-medical genes form our blueprint for our innate strengths and weaknesses. MyGene DaVinci includes free coaching to help each customer understand how to best use their genetic information, and regular updates as new science is discovered. We maintain total privacy of the data and protect it from disclosure to any outside party including insurance companies and employers.

Customers solve real-life problems with MyGene DaVinci. Almost everyone wants to know who they really are biologically. Now they can learn their natural strengths and weaknesses to create new possibilities for their lives.

  • To be a better parent, imagine the value of learning about your child’s natural strengths and unique challenges. Not to deter them from doing something, but to understand whether he or she might have to work harder than others.
  • To achieve better physical and mental performance in athletics, general fitne
Business model

We use non-medical genetic data to help consumers address unsolved lifestyle needs and desires. The business plan is to convert customers into long term revenue sources with personalized supplements & sports/weight beverages that link the specific blend and composition to a person’s unique genetic profile.

Traditional approaches to make life better are clearly insufficient. Obesity and excess weight is now epidemic in the U.S., and rising throughout the world. The divorce rate continues at high rates, even while more people are living together without marriage. Infidelity is so common that an entire marriage coaching industry is growing. The challenges of successfully raising children into educated, stable and productive adults are growing in the global information age. The bottom line: it is becoming more difficult to have a successful, low stress life. At the same time, everyone wants peak performance and a better life.

Competitive advantage

What differentiates us from our competition is our exclusive focus on how genes relate to everyday life. We don’t predict disease, disability and death. Consumer interest is high because people understand that DNA is a concrete truth that provides new insights into their natural talents, strengths and weaknesses. Having this 21st Century information lets customers creates new possibilities to improve their lives for what’s important for them.

We focus on transforming genetic data into understandable, useful information. This approach will create a positive consumer experience. The personalized coaching will help build customer loyalty. We will build a strong brand identity, and will create barriers to entry with channel partners. This includes strategies to make it more difficult for channel partners to switch companies. Our plan follows a portfolio strategy, with continual product innovation. We will follow an aggressive patent strategy combined with proprietary trade secret components (e.g., backend coaching software). We are targeting global markets, with current emphasis on Mainland China and Taiwan. We have had discussions with Chinese officials in Beijing and the US.