Location: Hodzova 12, Martin, Slovakia Slovakia
Founded in: 2002
Number of employees: 1-5
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online multimedia and web apps services
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Martin, Slovakia Slovakia
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Our company has been working in the field of web development, rich internet applications, and programming for over 10 years – professionally since 2000. In the period of time we have predominantly worked in the sphere of media which helped us to understand power and function of advertising and internet as an effective advertising medium.
In 2006 we have extended our activities also to online multimedia which is logical continuation of our activities in IT industry. In our web presentation you will learn basic information of our abilities and these will be further complemented as quick as possible.

Since 2004 we support production company Oreo, ltd (Slovak Idol production) and we have developed casting and pre-casting software abStar - successfully run in 4 shows.

References and examples of previous work
  • Oreo, ltd / TV Markiza / TV Nova - casting software developmet and casting IT support for show Cesko - Slovenska superstar (czech and slovak idol)
  • SDS, ltd / Apple IMC Slovakia - software development - online web applications and online multimedia services
  • online video portals for schools and cities
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