90-Day Guides, Inc.

90-Day Guides, Inc.
Set, track and achieve your goals
Encinitas, California, United States United States
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Company description

90-Day Guides is an online media company.  We attract our audience by helping people set, track and achieve their personal goals and resolutions over a 90-day period of time.  We leverage these deep relationships by aligning category exclusive sponsors as part of the solution, charging a premium to the advertisers while keeping the service free to the consumer.

90-Day Guides will become a powerful brand by inspiring tens of millions of people to take action towards personal improvement and will become the dominant platform motivating users to move from contemplation through preparation and into action.

Examples of goals are:  Lose Weight;  Go Green;  Start a Hobby;  Gardening;  Learn Guitar;  Start a Business;  etc.  (there are over 80 identified already)

Business model

National Retailers and CPG brands want to reach targeted prospective users while they are contemplating the purchase of relevant products.  90-Day Guides moves consumers from contemplation into action, including buying the products and services needed to achieve their goal.

These advertising programs will be sold as a premium category exclusive program on a per-Member basis for registrants of each specific Guide during the running of the campaign, with a typical campaign valued at $500k per year.  Expenditures for member acquisition are only required after an advertiser is committed to a specific Guide.

Members will be acquired efficiently by combining PR campaigns utilizing the expert personality for each Guide with online direct marketing.  Placing key components of the Guides within social networks will effectively reach passionate audiences in online areas where they are already engaged. 

An example Guide can be found at: guitar.90DayGuides.com

Competitive advantage

90-Day Guides has an exclusive co-promotion agreement with the foremost authority on achieving personal goals, Dr. John Norcross -- psychiatrist, popular author, and widely interviewed expert (TV such as Good Morning America; radio such as the Doctor Oz show on Oprah & Friends; and newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and USA Today).  90-Day Guides will be featured prominently in his upcoming book to be released in fall 2011, with a strong media campaign promoting the book and the website.

90-Day Guides could be thought of as the combination of the "for Dummies" or "Complete Idiots Guide to" book series ... BUT ... with the addition of:

** Interactivity ** Personalization ** Motivation **

Delivered in bite-sized pieces over a period of 90-Days, so it becomes digestible,  actionable, and ingrained as a new part of the user's daily routine.

90-Day Guides utilizes web, video, email, printouts, mobile, and game mechanics to provide a rich user experience to develop deep user relationships.