Because Your Story Should Be Told
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Because Your Story Should Be Told

Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in the 15th Century, making publishing more accessible. Just like Johannes Gutenberg we created 7write to make sharing information online easier.

Publishing online is time-consuming and expensive - formatting for ebook and POD is complex, marketplaces are restrictive, tools and services are in their infancy and book marketing services are innefective.

There is an increasing demand to solve these problems as the e-book market grows.

"Even though growth in printed books is flat or declining in most markets, it is being offset by a rise in revenues from e-books, which will account for 22% of all books sold around the world in 2017, up from 9% in 2012." - PwC

7write is monetising the demand for faster and easier “all inclusive” e-publishing by providing an automated and scaleable platform to supply the services required by authors and content producers.  

These services are live and available to authors through our SaaS product suite (7write.com) and also to content publishers through our open API (beta).

We have both self published authors and publishers paying for our live online services. The API will be available for open Beta in July.

Were a team of Aussies who travelled half way around the world to start 7write. We founded during the SBC 2013 and raised 250k before demo day. Since then we have found our product market fit, developed the infrastructure required to automate publishing services, published books and collected royalties for paid clients.

We are located in Amstedam and London.


Awards and Mentions
Business model

1. SAAS services subscription based with optional services.

2. API per transaction.

Competitive advantage

1. Open industry wide platform to provide services for anybody who has content to be published.

2. Non restrictive open publishing model.

3. Innovative publishing techniques that will change the industry forever including automated marketing and free copy editing for self publsihed authors.

Janneke Niessen
 Improve Digital helps premium publisher to realize their revenue potential through innovative solutions for real time advertising.Janneke is active as board member for IAB Europe, active in the board of several companies, she is a mentor for...
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