4Streams - Multi-Stream Server Based Chatting
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Company description

4Streams is a multi-stream server based chat software.  Everyones used a form of messenger to chat with friends and used media players to watch their favourite video or audio clips, but now you can do both and much more from within one program.


You can download the Freeware version by visiting the website above.  Some features are disabled or limited in the Freeware version.


So for example the program allows you to view/edit/update a channel list.  You could add your favourite channels and send the list to your friends.  You get your friends to connect to your host server either by directly giving them your IP address or asking them to select your server from the online server list.  You could then, as a host, set the video and audio stream.  Or you could all watch the same online channel/video and chat at the same time.  Great for discussions.  There is also a great NotePad feature within which you can draw or load in pictures, this can then be streamed to all users in the server.  The NotePad can also be used to view/edit and save gif animations and play games such as noughts and crosses or hangman.


In total there are four sources which you can stream, hence the name 4Streams.  The first source is by default set as the users webcam or webcam image.  This can not be changed.  The other three sources can be used to play videos, online videos, audio, audio streams, view server stream or as a NotePad.


If enough interest is shown or sufficient donation/sponsorship is received the program will be developed further to turn this into a profitable program.  The freeware version has some features disabled or limited.


it is quite a low budget product as I I have worked on this myself only in my spare time.


I stopped working on this because I could not get audio streaming to work.  I may start work on this again if people take an interest and audio streaming is not such an important issue.


Since I posted this, video streaming was optimized to be twice as fast and more reliable.  Also added more games and updated the GUI.

Business model