Crowd-sourced live music videos with great audio - happy fans, happy artists and happy brands!
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Company description

45sound solves the problem of awful-sounding fan videos of live music on YouTube. We help bands connect with their fans by automatically matching fan-shot concert videos with a proper live audio recording so they sound great & can be watched back from different angles. Artists are happy, fans are happy & it's a great marketing platform for brands. 



March 2012 - 2nd place in the SXSW Music Accelerator Final (see pitch video at http://sxsw.com/music/startupvillage/accelerator/recap)

September 2012 - Winner of Hollywood Award in Mobile/Entertaiment category at Innovation in Entertainment event in Sony Picture Studios, Los Angeles

October 2012 - Launch of 45sound iPhone app for easy direct video uploads and watching back 45sound shows from multiple angles. 


More Info

Please contact Cathal Furey (CEO & co-founder)

cathal at 45sound.com

+353 86 8100148



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Business model

Consumer brands pay to use our technology platform to promote their product or service because of the great branding and fan-activation opportunities we can offer when using 45sound for popular shows or festivals. We can brand our processed fan videos (logo overlay on bottom corner), insert pre-roll advertising, brand our fan messaging and also provide a branded embeddable multi-angle show player.

We also monetise the processed videos we upload to the artist's dedicated 45sound YouTube channel and share this advertising revenue with the artist / band and/or label. This is how we monetize the long-tail of smaller and indie artists who aren't suited to brand marketing or don't wish to partner with consumer brands. 

Competitive advantage

Fan's upload their live music videos directly to 45sound using our iPhone and Android apps or the 45sound.com website. These videos are uploaded under a perpetual royalty-free licence, so 45sound can monetise them in a variety of ways.

We currently upload most processed videos to dedicated YouTube channels per artist (essentially using YouTube as our CDN), but are free to use our own Amazon Cloudfront or other CDN depending on the best commercial opportunity.

Switchcam.com are a funded startup operating in the live music fan-footage space, but they don't improve the videos by adding proper audio, and they can't monetize the videos because they have been uploaded by fans to their own personal YouTube accounts. 

Outlisten.com are another startup targeting live music fan footage, but they don't use their own syncronization algorithms (the licence them in from outside) and don't let fans chose their own angles on playback.