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451 Degrees “Graffiti”: Patented SaaS that turns all Comments and Reviews into better Search Terms and Ad Tech Key Words on any Article, Product, Image, Video and Music File. 

Pain points: Millions of Comments on Websites and Social Networks about Articles, Products, Images, Videos and Music Files. Currently no manageable values to Content Owners. Graffiti reads every word giving it purpose using Artificial Intelligence, Machined Learning, Natural Language Processing not just sentiment. User Engagement is the Future of Search Engine.

Solution: Ad Tech is broken - Real Time Relevance is key. With simple API construction attaching to Current Ad Delivery Network Systems (ADN) we deliver relevancy. Currently Desktop and Mobile Hundreds of ADN’s in need of help to compete against Facebook and Google ADN’s. 451 Degrees creates a new marketplace with Below The Fold (BTF) ADN. New SEO and SEM created based on Social Crowd relevance in real time. Future is Search Engine based upon Big Data user engagement - AI/ML/NLP

Traction: 12 clients on sidelines for implementation. Strong pipeline to go-live with another 300+ companies in the next 6-9 months. 3 Major Ad Delivery Networks (Twitter, AdKernel, advertise.com) delivered Real Time API’s. Market Ready

Business Model:

- Advertising real estate below the fold (BTF) is an unaddressed market.

 - Ad Delivery Network SaaS Model (% of Sales)

- FREE until proven ZERO costs to build ADN to 451 - Efficiently monetize comments BTF - Relevance to Comments - ‘Where engagement occurs’

- Enhance current ADNs as a 3rd party delivery market.  Plug in and enhance what is built - Desktop and Mobile 


  • -  4 US Patents Issued. 5th expected in 2016

  • -  Analytics are relevant. Advertisers rely on 3rd


  • -  Deliver add’l services via existing interface 




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