4-Tell, Inc

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4-Tell, Inc
Predict More Sales
Stevenson, Washington, United States United States
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Company description


4-Tell increases sales for midsized online retailers. We recommend products that customers are likely to buy, e.g. “Customers who bought this, also bought.” Our software intelligently generates the recommendations from previous sales, and automatically displays them on the retailer's website. We have three key advantages: (1) simplest to integrate, (2) produce large sales lift for products with no or few sales (80% of their catalog), and (3) provide recommendations in email without touching the website so we can partner with email service providers.

Business model


Our software is licensed with an annual fee based upon the client’s number of recommendations, with tiered subscriptions of $1K to $75K per year for web recommendations and $500 to $35K per year for email.


Competitive advantage

4-Tell is uniquely simple to integrate, provides a large revenue boost for products with no or few sales (80% of midsized companies' catalog), integrates directly with email, and designed for mass distribution. Our technology is patent-pending.


Jim Huston
I have done big venture deals for Intel Capital and Blueprint Ventures, and since 2011 am doing early stage seed deals with Portland Seed Fund. Looking for great founder teams who want to grow big businesses in the Pacific NW.